What's This?

What you have before you on your computer screen is the culmination of ten years of my life in photographs, and while sorting through the six boxes of developed photos I realized that these images that I so loved were serving no purpose hidden away in my closet or packed into my already stuffed office. I have since started scanning these photographs in preparation for their formal introduction to the world wide web. My humble photoblog will now take it's rightful place amongst all the glories of the internet age, namely the Paris Hilton Video and the Dan Rather Memo for all eternity.

As the months pass, more older images will haphazardly find their way here, in no particular order, and at intervals that are as close to clockwork as an Italian train. As I'm prone to hop in the car and bolt for places unknown, my weekend trips may also find a suitable place amongst the more stoic and stuffy images. That is, if they are suitable for a PG rating and pass the "mother is reading this too" test. Ah hell, might as well throw some of my sketches in here while I'm at it.

Please feel free to comment, cuss, have a smoke, and spill beer on the carpet. I know I will. And, if you feel the urge to right click and steal one of my images for your own personal use, have at it. Just let me know, so I can further stroke my ego. If your interested in obtaining a better quality image, just pop me an email and I'll happily try to oblige.

Grab a beer, put your feet up on the desk and have the secretary hold your calls...