Down Corpus Christi Way

Once the domain of the Cannibal Karankawa Indians, Confederate blockade runners and Cattle Barrons, Corpus Christi [ Map ] has ridden the tide perched above the shallow Nueces Bay. This now and again thriving port has served and survived the boom-busts, weathered Monster Hurricanes and shrugged off Yellow Fever over the centuries.

But just across the Bay is Padre Island and the small fishing port and "resort" village of Port Aransas and though the beaches in this state are not known for their "Wow" factor it is a prime destination for relaxation in Texas. This particular weekend was the annual group trip to the island for some sun, sand and adult beverages. I must say that the water on this particular weekend was the finest I've ever seen in Texas, clear with pretty decent waves. It was the first time since my viewing Jaws as a child that I spent a considerable time out in the deep water, trying to body surf the waves.