Jennifer DeJesus

I've tried writing this post for days, but the right words just aren't there. Often, numbers isolate ourselves from the true devastating individual loss. 2,996 people lost their lives on September 11th and as a means of marking the occasion I'm focusing on one person. A mother, aunt, friend and co-worker. Someone I never knew, but will now always remember.

Jennifer DeJesus

Expressing such a loss is best left to those who knew her:

An Aunt and Confidante

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Galo Perez says he practically grew up with his aunt, Jennifer De Jesus, at their grandmother's Brooklyn home. "I'm 20, she was 23," he said. "She was more like a sister, and she affected me a lot; I could go to her about things nobody else could understand."

A year and a half ago, Ms. De Jesus got a job as a data entry worker at Morgan Stanley, on the 59th floor of the World Trade Center. The home of her extended family in Brooklyn has become a place of memories. "She was always so sweet and thoughtful; always looking out for other people," said her sister, Wilma Perez. "She babysat for my kids all the time, and my kids loved her."

Ms. De Jesus leaves a 2-year-old daughter, Jacinda.

Jennifer there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. You were always a good friend to me since Park West High School. We Always kept in touch with one another. In Parkwest we had good times chilling in Mr.Daniel's office. It was always you, Sassie and me bothering Mr.Daniels. The first thing that came to my head when I heard about the WTC was you Jennifer. I wish I had the chance to talk to you but that never happened. Well, I want you to always remember that I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart.
Much love to you,

Your Friend, Arleen.

It took me a whole year to sign this book but today I feel like I can do this. I miss you very much and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about our friendship and the times we spent together. I wanna say thank you for all the good times and for always sharing and caring. Every morning I looked forward to coming in to work and you greeting me with your smile it inspired me to smile back. For the whole year that I planned my wedding you were in every thought and the day of my wedding your spirit I felt. I always call your family and Jacinda they are doing okay but missing you like crazy. Your body is gone but your spirit will live on I will always keep you in my heart and treasure the moments from the start. JC, Joey, Aneleta and my Mom all miss you and think of you. I miss talking to you having lunch with you and all the shopping that we did. I miss your phone calls at night when you just wanted to say good night or the times that you missed me when I was out of sight. You are and will always be very special to me and you remain in my heart forever I love you girl!

Love your Friend Today and always
Maritza Baez Castro

Times aint the same anymore, I often wonder how you feel... Much to my surprise we are all fine but missing you!!! I've Wrote several papers about you and what you meant to me. I think that is the hardest part you know, putting what i feel on paper actually seeing my Pain in words. I understand everything happens for a reason. I hope you are seeing the steps you need to follow that lead to heaven. I know you will always be in my heart, mind, and prayers. I love you i will never forget you and i will always treasure the 20 years i spent getting to know you. You were specail to me MY BIG SISTER! I love you Jenny and i know we'll be together again one day.

Peace and LOVE your Nephew G
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