The Best Four Days I Don't Remember

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Cold. Damn cold.

Every time I get the crazy notion of moving north of the Mason-Dixon Line reality usually slaps me in the face. I suck at coping with the cold.

Our arrival in New York was uneventful, no ticker-tape parade, no good afternoons, no nothing. Get in the cab and lets get moving thank you very much you're wasting my time with your stupid questions... ah, I love New York. It was St. Patrick's Day weekend which coincidently also happens to be one of my best friend's birthday. The decision was handed down upon high to venture forth unto the frozen city formally known as New Amsterdam and celebrate all unto him. So spaketh those in charge of such frivolity. Baccus, I believe. Or maybe it was that little voice in my head that tells me to burn things... no matter, flight booked and plans made.

It's dirty, rough and unbelievably noisy. You're never by yourself, but you're always alone. It's cynical, unforgiving and rude. It's the greatest city on the planet, America's front door, it's best foot forward, energetic, dynamic and a constantly changing backdrop for frenetic chaotic capitalism. I love New York. I couldn't stand to live there.

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I was no stranger to the city, having been there on three separate occasions since in '98 - twice by car from San Antonio. I still have a couple of friends that live in the metropolis and I was bringing five others with me. It's a trip that will be celebrated in story and song generations from now. The details of which are not easily recollected at this point, but I haven't laughed that hard, had that much fun and so thoroughly embarrassed myself like that in years. It was good to be among friends again, in a city so vibrant, energetic and forgiving. In a way NYC was the perfect backdrop for this reunion, much like the city this group is brash, bold and loud. We hadn't been around each other in a single group in quite some time. And to be perfectly honest, none of us are usually the quiet one in the corner at any gathering so combined we tend to feed off each other and get pretty animated as the drinks add up and the wallets are drained. It's all very harmless and we leave most places with more friends than we came in with and this trip was no different.

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