One Day In New Orleans

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Writing for me is a frustrating process, as I’m busy doing other things such as driving or running I can come up with the perfect wording for my thoughts. The second I sit down to write it out, a thick dark cloud comes over me a muddles everything. Argh. Anyway, I’m still trying to plug along so I can get to my photos.

New Orleans is a strange place, at once so sure of itself and at the same time rudderless and in decline. It’s as if it’s lost its reason for being and exists only because it always has. Today New Orleans raison d'être is enjoyment; work is merely a means of paying for the party. I’ve never met an American city so opposed to doing a job as the Big Easy. Every encounter seems to put someone off, an intrusion into their world. Perhaps it’s the nature of most of my trips, Mardi Gras and all, but it happens outside of Bourbon Street and apparently sans drunk crowds too. It’s foreign to me for sure, but it’s hard to deny the infectious nature of their revelry.

Perhaps it’s part of living so close to the edge that creates the need for constant celebration and a free spirited laissez-faire attitude, but what ever it is, New Orleans is a fun town. The city alone is worth a trip. What hasn’t been left to rot unused has lovingly and lavishly been taken care of. And in an age when every other city in America is becoming more homogenous in design, New Orleans lives on in its Architecture and attitude… even if at times it’s unsightly. Perhaps this is not a fair assessment? I don’t know. But, this was the most difficult trip to the city to return home from. I even took a quick glance at Grad schools there. Go figure.

What follows in the link is fifty or so photos from one day of touring around the city. Grabbing a drive through Daiquiri, The Garden District, the Katrina devastated 9th Ward, Chalmette National Battlefield – site of the famous Battle of New Orleans, stumbling upon "Super Sunday", a St. Patty’s parade in the French Quarter and an evening wandering around way late into the night.

I hope y’all enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed my trip. I know I can’t wait to go back.

New Orleans Slideshow Link.

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